You Are My Sunshine

My lite guy is 8 months old now, I can't believe how time has flown.

Some things I love about DC:

-He wakes up happy, all smiles.
-He has the best and most contagious laugh.
-He adores his Daddy.
-He loves to try new foods and doesn't seem to be too picky.
-He is learning new things so fast.
-He has the chunkiest most delicious thighs I have ever seen!
-He squeals when he talks, it's darling.
-He is at the age where he is beginning to reach for you.
-He loves the bath and shower and never cries when the water gets in his eyes.
-He can down an entire graham cracker and makes the best mess on his face.
-He loves his new puppy and snuggles with him.
-He's ours forever.

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