Bit of Sunshine

While I sit here and wait for the phone to ring to tell us we are A-OK (see blog post below) I decided to blog about happy things. 

All of my life I have waited to become an auntie.  Next to being a mom I think that being an auntie is the greatest thing ever.  When I married my husband I inherited about a million nieces and nephews and they are all great!  Unfortunately, none of them live even remotely close and most of them are older; I think our oldest nephew is 31, I don't think he'd appreciate me bouncing him on my knee.  However, last December my brother and his wife blessed us with a beautiful baby girl and I adore her.  The best part is that she lives only a few minutes away.  I am ecstatic that my son will have a cousin close to his age that lives near by.  I hope this little girl grows up knowing how much I love her and how long I have waited for her.

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