Things That Make You Go Hmmm....

Years ago a client of mine was struggling with infertility. She went through many of the same tests and finally she decided she had just had enough.  She still wanted a baby and was open to other ideas off of the traditional fertility grid.  She found out about a researcher in Holland who has helped couples struggling with fertility.  How it works... Ian (the researcher) sends a nurse to your home who takes a blood sample.  The nurse then overnights the sample to Ian (I don't even want to know what that costs!)  He then analyzes your blood sample and can tell you what you are eating that is poisoning your body.  IT is very similar to 'Eating for Your Blood type'.  So from what I understand he sends you a report with things you should and shouldn't eat.  It is interesting because something you may think is healthy for you might actually be causing inflammation in your body and making you sick.  My friend said, for example, that carrots are on her don't eat list.  Very interesting.....  I know this approach sounds a little nutty, however, my friend did indeed get pregnant and knows many other women who have too.  The best part is that he guarantees you get pregnant in 18 months or your money back.  His costs are low....$1,600 per person.  Now that is doable!  We have an appointment to Skype with him on Monday and we will get more information then.  It may not be the answer for us, but then again it might be.  The Internet has mixed review on him and his ideas, but results don't lie and women are getting pregnant.  The only thing that has me wondering if this will work for me or not is that he mostly helps women with PCOS and I don't have PCOS, so we'll see.  Maybe he can help Heath...Who knows?  I am willing to try anything.

Sometimes I feel like finding a solution to this fertility mess is a full time job.  I'm fine with that.  If I'm not actively working on a solution then I feel helpless and sad.  So right now I am in work mode and I am going to figure something out one way or the other.

Oh and can I add the the list, the list of things I suggest not saying to a couple dealing with infertility.
  • Oh, you just need to relax and then it will happen.  (Don't say that because in my case all the relaxing in the world won't increase my egg count and it just makes me CRAZY when I hear that.  Also, don't get my hopes up.)
  • Now, that you've adopted you'll get pregnant for sure.  (First of all, I believe that when people get pregnant after they adopt it is because that adopted baby was supposed to go to that family and maybe wouldn't have if things had worked out differently.  Second of all, one may say that to a person who is totally infertile and then it just sounds extra insensitive.)
I'm done ranting for the night.  I promise to try and post more fun and positive things.


  1. That's very interesting!! I truly believe in the food thing can be inflaming your body but I've never thought that it could be playing a role to my infertility!! I'm just at the beginning stages (we've been trying for 2 years) my dr has started me on clomid so if that route doesn't work I might have to give you a call about this way!

  2. So I have to say I'm guilty of saying 'you'll get preg now that you adopted'. {Foot in mouth} Now I know not to be so insensitive. Even though you've been a monther for a short time, you are a great example to all mothers! Praying that you will be blessed with peace and more babies, whether through adoption or your own.