Uh Oh

I don't know if you have noticed or not, but I am very general when I talk about my husband and you will rarely if ever see a photo of him on here.  He has requested that I keep his identity private, I respect that and I don't mind.  I only refer to him as "my husband" or "Mr. P." or "Mr. Practical."  With that said, as a part of keeping his identity private,  I also keep his profession private.  That one is hard for me because what he does for a living is a huge part of our lives.  I only mention this because it is relevant to the story I am about to tell because you might have questions and unless I know you, I can't answer them. Bummer I know!


When he got home from work today he informed me that he had accidental exposure with 2 individuals blood.  He was wearing gloves but the gloves broke (I'm thinking we need to upgrade those to better ones!)  Anyway, the two individuals got blood tests last night and now we are just waiting for the results.  If the results come back with bad news (HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, etc), then we are screwed.  We are screwed because he will have to undergo tests for the next 6-12 months and there will be NO baby making.  That means no fertility specialist, no insemination, no you know what!  I am a little wigged out right now and I want them to hurry and call us back with the results.  I guess on the bright side I didn't ovulate today and so I don't need worry about going in tomorrow for insemination without knowing the results of the blood tests.

BTW, no one ever told me that pre-natals can make you feel sick.  I hate the way they make me feel :(

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