Magic Letter

While we were in Hawaii I received a phone call from a friend who had gotten our adoption letter in the mail.  She said that she had a potential birth mom for us to meet.  To make a long story short, when we got back from Hawaii we were able to meet this wonderful girl.  After my visit with her she told me that she felt good about us adopting her baby!  Yes!! Can you believe your eyes?  I can't believe it as I type it.  So far we have met with her 3 times and everything seems to be going smoothly.  The baby is due in September and she has been told it's a boy!  DC will have a brother!  We are excited, yet cautious.  Although we have been told its a done deal you never really can say that until papers are signed and that can't happen until after he is born.  But for now we are happy as we can be!  I am so grateful for these these wonderful women, without them I wouldn't be a mom.  More to come as it happens.....

Don't mention it on facebook, I don't want to put it in facebook land yet.

(Oh and BTW the this is a different birth mom than the one I mentioned in a previous post.  That sweet girl lost her baby a month ago.)


In the beginning of March our little family went to Maui along with my parents and our good friends Chris and Allie.  We had a fabulous time!

Here are some of our highlights!
DC got to play in the sand and in the ocean for the first time.

We snorkeled a TON!

We found many sea turtles and were able to swim quite close to them.  There was no zoom used in this photo.  (Don't worry we didn't touch them.  It's a $10,000 fine if you do!)
One morning we got up early and went to a known place where dolphins are often seen.  We were able to find a pod of 15 dolphins and we swam around with them for an hour.  It was wonderful to see them in their natual environment.

Maui sunsets are the best.