In the beginning of March our little family went to Maui along with my parents and our good friends Chris and Allie.  We had a fabulous time!

Here are some of our highlights!
DC got to play in the sand and in the ocean for the first time.

We snorkeled a TON!

We found many sea turtles and were able to swim quite close to them.  There was no zoom used in this photo.  (Don't worry we didn't touch them.  It's a $10,000 fine if you do!)
One morning we got up early and went to a known place where dolphins are often seen.  We were able to find a pod of 15 dolphins and we swam around with them for an hour.  It was wonderful to see them in their natual environment.

Maui sunsets are the best.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time!