Kids Update

I have been hesitant to post an update on whats been going on because I didn't want to say too much before I felt absolutely confident in what was going on.  As previously mentioned we found a sweet  baby boy to adopt who is due in September.  I would love to go into detail about how we found him and what is going on but I want to respect his birth parents and so I won't say too much until I ask their permission.  I will say however that we are good to go!!  The birth father is willing to sign his relinquishment of rights within the next few days and the birth mom couldn't be more on board.  We are thrilled to welcome this sweet baby boy into our family. We are also blessed that we will be able to have another open adoption and this new baby will have the love of all of his parents and siblings. 

We have also been blessed with a foster son who is 4 years old.  Due to privacy laws I can't post any pictures or say his real name.  So we will just call him Jay and you will just have to take my word for it that he is DARLING!  He does well with DC and is a great fit for our family.  As of right now the goal is reunification with his family.  That means the state is working hard to help his parents succeed and do the things they need to do to get Jay back.  The reason the state placed him in our home was because they wanted him somewhere he could be adopted should it end up not working out with mom or dad.  We are on Jays side and want what is best for him whatever that may be.  I would love to think that we are the best thing for him, but he loves his family and they love him.  I am trusting in the team that works for Jay to make the best decision for him no matter what it may be.  And if that choice is for him to go home then we will be happy for him and be glad that we were able to love and keep him for as long as we had him.  However, if the decision is for him to stay with us forever then will gladly keep him forever.  Until the decision is made (November 2012) we will just love him and support him AND his family. 

It has been so fun having him around.  We get to do all sorts of fun things with him that DC is too young for.  We have gone fishing, colored, done sparklers, played at the park, done preschool preparation homework, had play dates, etc.  We are loving having Jay here and we are cherishing every moment.