Letter to Family and Friends

I had business cards made with our contact information on them to give to our family and friends.  They are kind of like adoption pass along cards.  My project for this week is to send the following letter and a few of the contact cards to everyone we know.  What do you think of our letter?  Again, my husbands name has to be omitted due to his job.  (We need an adoption blog and I don't know how that's going to work when we can't show his face or say his name.... Don't worry though, should we find a potential birth mom we will be more than happy to show his face and say his name, but just in a more secure place.)

Dear Family and Friends,
As many of you may or may not know ***** and I have found out recently that the chances of us having biological children are less than 1%.  We have recently spent a lot of time and a great deal of money to have all of the necessary tests to come to this conclusion.  We were informed that the problem lies with both of us.  When we received the news we were left wondering what our next step should be.  After much prayer, thought, discussion, and soul searching we decided that we will not pursue any further fertility treatments.  Even with the best medicine and doctors  our chances are still very slim.  We feel good about our decision and are at peace with it for now. 
With that being said, we are on the adoption road again.  We believe that adoption is the way we will expand our family, it feels very right for us.   We were so incredibly blessed with our son DC through the miracle of adoption and we are hoping for another miracle.  As I’m sure you are aware adoption through a private agency is currently between $30,000-$50,000.  YIKES.  What you may not be aware of is that private adoptions without and agency are between $2,000-$6,000.  Not so bad.  The only catch is that when you go totally private you have to find your own babies, there is no agency to help you find available babies/children. 
That is where all of you come in to play…  We would LOVE it if you would keep us in mind if/when you hear of someone who is considering placing a baby for adoption.  We are open to babies of all races, ages, and even babies who are drug exposed. We are also open to open adoptions.  We have enclosed a couple of cards that would make the sharing of our contact information a little bit easier for you should you come across someone. 
Thank you for your friendship, love and support.  It means the world to us to have you in our lives.

Much Love,
Laura and *****

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