Meeting with the Doc

Up until last Monday (Jan. 30th) I hadn't talked to the actual doctor about my situation.  He would tell me bits and pieces after each test but only the nurses had talked to me about the situation as a whole.  So last Monday we had an appointment with the doctor to go over all of the tests and to figure out our next step. First of all we looked like crazy people to everyone in the waiting room of the fertility clinic because we had our son (8 months) with us and we also had my niece (7 weeks.)  Anyway, the doctor went over everything with us again that we had discussed with the nurses.  I hated hearing all of that AGAIN.  It's like salt in the wound every time I have to hear it again.

So bottom line is-- My eggs are not only running out but they are actually expiring.  I used to joke around all the time before I was married that I needed to snag a man fast because my eggs were expiring, little did I know that was actually happening.  The doctor also said that it is very likely that I will go into menopause earlier than the average woman.  I told him I didn't care because I didn't want to have babies in my late 40's anyway.  Then he proceeded to tell me I will become infertile 10 years before menopause...fantastic (can you sense my sarcasm here.)  I then said "so you're saying we need to get on it fast?"  And then the doctor said, "yes, you need to get on it."  I feel like we are doing all we can at this point...  I mean really what else can we do?  I guess we could do in vitro, but by the time we have an extra $35,000 I will be totally expired.  We aren't totally ruling in vitro out, but we need to be realistic. 

The plan we decided on with the doctor is to continue taking Femara for two more months and trying IUI (insemination) 2 more times.  After that our only option really is to do in virto.  I don't have a lot of faith in the IUI, but it is worth a shot.  The doc said he'd give us half of our IUI money back toward in vitro if the IUI doesn't work.  Apparently the chances of the IUI working for us is 5% and the chances for in vitro working for us is only 30%.  I was asked if I would be willing to re-do some of the tests I have already had.  They want to double check my results and see if they can gather any more information to help me.  As we were wrapping up our meeting with the doc I asked if what his feelings were on the Holland researcher guy.  The doc got super irritated and ended our meeting short.  It frustrated me because I was trying to explain to him that I am doing all I can to help my situation and to make this happen.  I told him that I was asking him because I valued his opinion and wanted to know his thoughts on it.  Now I'm worried that he won't want to help us as much because he thinks I don't totally trust him or something.  Anyway...

When we got home we had a Skype appointment with Holland.  I really liked what he had to say, it all made sense.  He seems to think that my husband and I are an "easy fix."  He said that he believes if we follow his program for 12 weeks we will get pregnant.  I questioned everything and he had answers for it all....  I asked him if this program will make my husbands swimmers swim and he said yes.  I asked if my AMH hormone will be put where it should and he said yes.  I asked how this works and he explained that we need to get our bodies back to the "factory settings."  When you eat foods that your body is allergic to or that cause negative reactions such as inflammation, it  affects you. (He explained it so much better than I am explaining it.  I'm making it sound lame, I promise it's not.)  Let me try and explain it this way...I have a friend who worked with the Holland guy.  She followed the program he created for her exactly and now she has a baby.  In her program, for example, she couldn't have any root vegetables.  That means no potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.... It sounds crazy because who would think carrots could be bad for you?  Well, they aren't bad for everyone, but they are bad for her.  In her body they cause inflammation and create problems for her.  Is this making any sense?  So what we need to do is have the Holland guy figure out what we should and shouldn't be eating.  Even if it doesn't work we will lose weight and be healthier for it and the cost is only $3,000.  I can do $3,000, what I can't do is $35,000.  Right now this seems to make the most sense for us and I really do believe in his work.  We are thinking we want to do the IUI in February and then take a break before we do the next IUI.  We are hoping that we can get on board with Holland, do that program for a few months and then try the IUI again, maybe that is the magic combination we need.

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  1. Sometimes doctors react like they are threatened by natural healing. After my experience with doctors and my arthritis and all the medications that they put me that ultimately poisoned my body. Since using diet and avoiding the "bad" foods for me, most of the time, I have lived 2 years without the medications.

    Keep you chin up and follow your heart. Your doctor will be okay. Hopefully he will still help you. Here's praying.