Fertility Testing Update

Disclaimer: There might be a TMI (too much information) ALERT needed for the post. 

Today I went in for my blood test and an ultrasound.  The purpose of these tests is to help the doctor determine my female health and the condition and age of my eggs.  I was slightly nervous for this test because it has always been my joke that my eggs were expiring and that I needed to have babies sooner than later.  I was afraid my joke could actually be a reality and I wasn't sure I was ready to have that confirmed.  Anyway, I had my husband stay home with the baby and went alone because it was going to be an easy appointment.  They drew my blood first.  When she was drawing it I said to the nurse, "So for my appointment today he isn't going to look up my dress is he?"  She started laughing and said, "He's going to look up your dress alright."  Huh?  Ummm, no one has EVER told me that there is more than one way to get an ultrasound!! I thought this was going to be the situation where they put jelly stuff on your belly and ran a little thingy over your stomach....WRONG, they don't run it over your belly, it goes somewhere else.  It wasn't a big deal, I just wasn't prepared for it.  There are some things I'm learning the hard way.

So, the doc said so far I am looking good.  My follicles (the little guys that can turn into eggs) are looking good and healthy, my ovaries are alright, my uterus is doing what it should.  The doc said that as soon as the blood test results come back (3 days) he will know for sure that things are good or if we have cause for concern.

On Thursday I go in for an HSG test. I don't understand this text exactly, but from what I understand it is an x-ray of my lady parts.  They fill me up with a special dye and look at my fallopian tubes and uterus.  They are checking for blockages and other problems.  Everyone says this test hurts, I guess I'll find out for myself.

After my test Thursday we will wait until ovulation and then do insemination.  (I warned you at the beginning that this post was going to be full of more information than you probably wanted to know.)  So right now I am on femara (it's like Clomid without the crazy factor, you get with Clomid,) it is supposed to help me ovulate.  I am also on what feels like 100 other medicines, I don't usually take any meds and so remembering has been chore! Overall I am so thankful for modern medicine and thankful for the chance to expand my family in this way.  However, if I had to/get to adopt all my kids I would be the happiest mom on the planet.  I'll let you know how Thursday goes.

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  1. I hope that all goes well for you Laura. Sorry that you have to go through all of this. I'm reminded often how blessed we are when it comes to having babies. We have many friends and neighbors that have been or are now going through the same thing. I'll be praying for you!