Dazed and Confused

Yesterday was my HSG test.  I wish I could say that I remember everything that happened but I can honestly say that I don't... My doctor had prescribed me a Valium to help me relax because the test is said to be quite painful.  We got to the hospital and after I registered and signed my consent form I was instructed to take the Valium.  Now for a girl that never takes medicine, the Valium had quite the affect on me.  Within a few minutes I could tell it was working and within 20 minutes I started acting really funny.  I don't remember much, but I remember I couldn't get my hospital gown on and I needed my husband to help me.  I also remember that I kept apologizing to the nurses for acting like an idiot (even though I don't think I did act like an idiot.)  After the procedure my husband kept trying to take my phone from me so that I couldn't make calls, however, I wouldn't let him take it from me and I did indeed make a few calls.  LOL!!!  Two of my girlfriends called my husband and asked if he was going to work and if they needed to "babysit" me and/or my baby.  My dear sweet husband thought it would be a good idea to video me while 'under the influence', those videos will be destroyed.... I decided that I don't like the way that drug made me feel and I hope to never take one again, I can't figure out why people wanna feel like that on purpose, I hated it. 

Anyway, as far as the results of my test go, the PA who performed the test said everything looked good.  I am hoping that the test blew my tubes open and will make it easier to become pregnant, we will see.  Now I am just waiting to ovulate, once that happens we will go in and do the IUI.  Wish me luck!  They have me on so many meds right now and it is making me so sick, I hope this isn't what morning sickness is like, yucky, but I'll gladly take it to have a baby:)

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