Meet my Boys, All 3 of them!

Now that all three of my kids adoptions are final I feel free to write about them and post pictures!

Here are all 3 of my boys! DC, Brody, and Jay.

My niece EJ is on the left, this is a cousin picture for Grandma.

Isn't Jay handsome?
Two weeks ago we finalized Jay's adoption and last month we finalized Brody's.  Now all 3 boys are officially ours!


  1. I'm so happy for you :) I'm so happy that Jay is apart of your family! It was the hardest 6 months having him in our home and I wanted to make it work but I felt terrible that I couldn't make it work! But I can see that it wasn't supposed to work because he was ment to work for you and your family! So happy for you!! (This is Crystal the cousin/person who had the privileged of having him before you :) )

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    Keep on keeping on, we're following you

  3. Laura, I'm so sorry. Prayers and love for you and your husband. You are an incredibly strong, though I know you may not feel that way. Your strength is in our savior. Love you Laura. Lindsey Francom