Mr. P asked me not to post his name or exact birth date (if we were friends on facebook or instagram all of the info is there.)  We will just call this guy BDP and let you know he was born in the middle of September.  He is healthy and we are sooooo happy to have him.  His birth mom said that it was a rough delivery and they almost had to do a C-section.  He weighed 8.6 lbs and his birth mom is petite, he almost didn't fit.  We got the call that it was time to pick him up and we hurried and found places for our other 3 (we had our foster baby at the time) and we were off to SLC to pick BDP up.  I want to give all of the details of how we got him and his birth but I haven't asked his birth moms permission yet.  I truly love and respect her and want to make sure she is ok with me telling her story.

DC loves his baby brother and so does Jay.  Sometimes I think they love him a little too much.  (Have you read the book Of Mice and Men?)

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