Sweet Milk

As previously posted our son had severe colic and the only thing that has helped him is breast milk.  Now seeing that he is adopted breast milk isn't as easy as it seems.  We have a WONDERFUL woman who has been so gracious and kind as to pump not only for her baby but also for mine.  We have been trying to ration the breast milk by feeding him formula about 1/4 of the time.  Well DC decided this weekend that he will NOT be drinking formula anymore.  He gags, he coughs, he acts like we are trying to poison him.  I feel bad because I am sure it was the formula that was giving him all his trouble (ie: reflux, gas, etc...) but, really what are we supposed to do?  I called our milk momma and told her about DC's new attitude on formula, I told her she must make some sweeeeet milk because that is all he wants and he inhales it!  And that great lady said not to worry and that she would increase her supply so that DC wouldn't ever need formula.  I am so thankful for her, I try to tell her but I don't think she knows how much we love her!
DC enjoying his bottle :)

This is our Milk Momma with her own precious preemie.

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  1. I love this.... She's so wonderful to help out like that!